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Purchase of Eurail Pass in Brussels

Postby aminor » 23 May 2012 - 13:35

Hi, I'm a Malaysian and my friends and i plan to travel from Brussels to Prague, Germany, Austria and AMsterdam on rail starting 30 June 2012 until 17 July 2012. We plan to buy EU RAil Pass. SInce we are now in Brussels, how can we purchase that and can we purchase the group pass since we will be travelling together all time. Please advice....
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Eurail. Buy your official Eurail Pass here.
Buy your official Eurail pass (click here right before you order!) via our partner link to You get the official Eurail pass and your free PLUS-profile on railcc for extensive support for your Eurail trip.
railcc is official partner of

Purchase of Eurail Pass in Brussels

Postby Pete » 23 May 2012 - 14:14

The best is always to order online here at railcc, then you support the project directly, the forum and all the information.
As we can not send Eurail passes to an European address (restrictions of European railways), you will have to buy it at the railway station. Bruxelles Midi for example.
Alcolin is an expert for it, ask him. :)
Peter :)
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Purchase of Eurail Pass in Brussels

Postby nltrainer » 24 May 2012 - 13:59

selamat jalan, mas. Yah, bisa berjual itu-in selatan=SOuth station. Only during office hours-when the special office is open.
If you are all young/student <26: compare prices for saverpass=for 2 vs. the group (maybe these are for older=1st cl. only?)
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