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PATRAS - ATHENS | ferry / train connection

Postby Pete » 21 Jan 2010 - 16:52

PATRAS - ATHENS | ferry / train connection

Journey time: 4h (but a nice route)


:arrow: Schedules: ... greece/978
Note: the trains are replaced by OSE buses on the part Patras to Kiato!

Departure every 30 minutes. Journey time: 2:30h. The main bus terminal is just outside the PATRAS port entrance.
The bus terminal in ATHENS is "Kifisos Intercity Bus Station".
There are express and normal buses.
Fare: ~ EUR 15 (one-way).

Older information:
Train | Departure | Arrival
309 03:12 06:58
11 05:30 08:58
301 07:10 10:58
21 10:34 14:00
303 12:10 15:58
23 14:35 18:01
305 17:07 20:58
307 18:06 21:58
25 19:37 23:03
The basics are that all 3-digit trains are the normal slow trains and the 2-digit trains are IC trains (Attention: EUR 6-28 of supplements!).
Greece trains are often not in time! Calculate some extra time!

The station close to Athens is called Kiato. There you move from the normal train to suburbian train (just from one platform to the other).

Train fare with NO InterRail Pass: ~18 EUR

:arrow: Information PATRAS:

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PATRAS - ATHENS | ferry / train connection

Postby baobab » 05 May 2010 - 04:32

The connection between Kiato and Diakofto is served by buses from OSE since there are works on the rails at this part.
So the route goes Piraeus - Athens - Kiato by Proastiakos (Suburban train) / Kiato - Diakofto by OSE bus / Diakofto - Patras by scheduled trains by OSE
If you are a smiling low budget traveler use this route otherwise i suggest taking the bus from Patras to Athens. (The difference is around 6-7 euros and 1-1.30 hours)
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PATRAS - ATHENS | ferry / train connection

Postby nltrainer » 29 May 2011 - 15:08

these trains are also WITHDRAWN since early this year.
Most of the ferries have their own bus from right beside the quay to ATH-these may bring you further into the centre, but are likely to cost more as the normal KTEL-bus. Check the website of your ferry (there are several).
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