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Budapest-Belgrade-Split-Skopje-Tirana-Shkodra-Ulcnij cont...

by onrainydays » 01 Mar 2011 - 01:45

Manchester-Budapest-Belgrade-Sofia-Skopje-Tirana-Shkodra-Ulcnij-Budva-Sarajevo-Dubrovnik-Leeds Bradford/Manchester

Hey, I am planning to travel with my friend from 21st June to 10th July (roughly around three weeks) Haven't booked flight back, but could book for 14th.
We are not planning on getting an Inter-Rail pass as a lot of our journeys are by bus.
I've done some research, but I was wondering if somebody who had travelled around the region would give me so tips!

Flight on 21st June
Arrives about 6.30pm

Plan to stay for three nights before moving on or two nights and a day if we get the sleeper to Belgrade)

*I have seen a lot of conflicting information about the train to Belgrade. Is there a day train or has it been discontinued? How much would it cost without an Inter-rail ticket? I'd rather not lose a day to travelling so would a Double Sleeper for 50 odd Euros be the price for each of us (combining to be 100 Euro) or for the room? Am I right to think it will take around 11 hours?*

Budapest-Belgrade(Train: 11 Hours Overnight around 30 Euro)

Arrive: morning of the 24th (if we get the night train)
afternoon/evening of the 24th (if we travel during the day)
Again stay for two nights and a day before getting the sleeper to Sofia

Belgrade-Sofia (Train: 11 Hours Overnight around 30 Euro)

Arrive: morning of the 26th
Again stay for two nights and a morning before getting the bus to Skopje

Sofia-Skopje (Bus: 6 Hours, around 15 Euro)
Arrive: Evening of 28th
Stay for two nights, leaving in the morning for Tirana

Skopje-Tirana (Bus: 6 Hours, around 15 Euro)
Arrive: Afternoon of 30th
Stay the night and leave the following morning to Shkodra.

Tirana-Shkodra (Train: 3.5 Hours, Around 12 Euro)
Arrive: Afternoon of 31st
Stay two nights and leave following morning

Shkodra-Ulcnij (Cab: around 5 Euro)
Arrive: 2nd
have a quick look around and then get bus to Budva

Ulcnij-Budva (Bus: Unknown)
Arrive: Evening of 2nd
Stay for three nights, and leave for Sarajevo in morning

Budva-Sarajevo (Bus: 7 Hours Around 15 Euro)
Arrive: Evening of 5th
Stay for four nights and leave in the morning for Dubrovnik

Sarajevo-Dubrovnik (Bus: 7 Hours about 25 Euro)
Arrive: Evening of 9th

Stay the night and get a flight back home in the afternoon!

I have never been backpacking before, so I would appreciate any input or suggestions. Clarifications about transport would be brilliant.
As I said before, we have not booked tickets to fly back yet, we plan to leave on the 10th of July, but we could also leave on the 14th if you think we wouldn't have enough time to do everything we have planned. It would cost more, so I'd rather not but if it means having a relaxed holiday rather than a rushed stressful one, then it's definitely an option.

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Budapest-Belgrade-Split-Skopje-Tirana-Shkodra-Ulcnij cont...

by onrainydays » 01 Mar 2011 - 01:56

Oh, and any ideas of things to do or little day trips would be cool too!

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Budapest-Belgrade-Split-Skopje-Tirana-Shkodra-Ulcnij cont...

by SiDUDe » 01 Mar 2011 - 02:06

Sounds like your pretty sorted, though its a shame your missing Mostar. You can day trip to Pristina from Skopje, which is meant to be really cool, juar be careful with passport stamps etc if you need to get back into Serbia
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