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EX Express trains in Italy

Postby ante » 29 Jul 2007 - 01:15

Hi all :D

I'm starting my first InterRail holiday TOMORROW night! So I would appreciate a quick reply if possible :wink:

I was wondering how much the supplement costs for Italian express trains. I plan to take one from Siracusa to Napoli Centrale, EX1938 (night train). Is it more expensive than other night trains (EUR20 for bed in 6 bed couchette if I'm not mistaken)?

I read somewhere in the forums that the night train from Nice-Rome was sold out two months in advance! Is this common for a lot of night trains? If so I'm in trouble, as I plan to take a lot of them :oops:

I plan to buy all the reservations I need for the rest of my 10/22 day trip when I get to the train station in Amsterdam, where I am staying two nights. Is it really possible to make train reservations from any major train station on the continent? Unfortunately this is not the case in Ireland. I was only able to book a TGV in advance; there was a very limited selection of routes available to reserve. :x Hopefully the rest of Europe is a little more organized than our darling green isle!

Also I read it is more expensive to reserve trains from a station other than in the country the train departs, for example it would be dearer to reserve the Italian express train from Amsterdam than from Venice. How much more?

Thanks for reading!

Best of luck with all your journeys, through Europe, through life...

ante x
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Postby Gast » 29 Jul 2007 - 16:06

i did an interrail last month, and the amount of trouble we had booking trains in italy, especially night trains, was horrific. i'd avoid it at all costs in all honesty. and yes, i found the reservations to be far too expensive as well.

good luck!

Postby ante » 29 Jul 2007 - 20:53

thanks :)
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