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Berlin - Paris - London - Holyhead

Postby readytogo » 08 Sep 2012 - 13:32

Hello. I am currently planning my family's first trip to Europe. We are headed to a friend's wedding in Germany in May and since we have never been to Europe we decided to make the most of it and travel a little afterward. We have decided on our travel plans, but when I start looking at train information, it is all so overwhelming. There are so many options, websites, etc. When I start thinking I know what I'm looking at, I see something else, and then I'm not sure again. Even the wealth of information on this site is great but I feel like I'm drowning in info. It's too important to book and have wrong...

I am looking for a night train from Berlin to Paris, a train from Paris to London, and then a train from London to Holyhead so we can take the ferry to Dublin. Can anyone simplify this for me a little by pointing me in the right direction? I would greatly appreciate it.
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SNCB Europe
SNCB Europe
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Berlin - Paris - London - Holyhead

Postby Pete » 08 Sep 2012 - 13:43

Yes, it might look difficult at the beginning, but it is very easy.

First important thing: booking for European trains is usually possible up to three months in advance before departure date. So you still have to wait until February 2013. To get an impression of possible ticket fares, just out try a date in November.

Berlin - Paris: easy as e-ticket here. Also the best and lowest prices as it is directly from the German national railway (which also run this CNL night train):

Paris - London: also available as e-ticket via:

London - Holyhead: again easy as e-ticket via

If you have further question, just let me know.
Using trains in Europe is very easy and relaxing. Just go to the railway station where you will find big displays showing you the departure platform (or ask the service staff if you feel unsure).

Peter :)
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Berlin - Paris - London - Holyhead

Postby Pete » 08 Sep 2012 - 13:46

Just some additional information:

Berlin - Paris: use the direct night train: ... y/10428/19

Paris - London: if you book early, use the direct Eurostar train. Otherwise you will find cheaper buses (not that comfortable and it will need much more time): ... kingdom/70
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